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  • Hi Guy’s sorry for the misunderstanding and having posted this in the FB group.

    Im new to Rank Math, and loving it so far.

    OK, so, last night I went ahead and clicked the “Connect Google Analytics” button, but it led to Rank Math wanting to create a new GA account and furthermore ended up wiping out my redirect data. So I restored my site to the previous day.

    I’m not looking to create a new GA account, just want to connect the existing one.
    So I dev’ed my own API following this well-written tutorial: https://rankmath.com/kb/create-a-google-api-project/

    But now I’m a bit lost as it changed nothing. However, I have not yet flushed the site and server-side cache so of course, it could be that Rank Math cannot detect the new code I placed in my child themes functions.php file.

    Maybe, as soon as I do that I will see a change noticing me that the connection is made????

    Before I did that though I wanted to hear from you guys about this.
    and here’s my code:

    * Filter to replace Rank Math App
    function( $config ) {
    $config[‘application_name’] = ‘Rank Math SEO’;
    $config[‘client_id’] = ‘xxxxxxxxxxx-vd20bljmff5n1utmsahl4dnv1psm684e.apps.googleusercontent.com’;
    $config[‘client_secret’] = ‘lJydiBVbBJ4bdXe,etc.etc.’;
    return $config;

    of course, I changed a bit of the code here in ID and Secret.
    Thanks, guys!

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting the support and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    1. Can you please confirm if your account has the admin privilages?

    Please record a video screencast and add that in the Sensitive data section.

    Also, is there a possibility to have a staging site created so we can test further?

    2. The redirections data should not have been removed as this update did not do anything to remove the redirections.

    Can you please share the error log in the Sensitive data section?

    3. The custom Google app method is no longer working with the latest update as we have updated the flow. We will be updating the article with new information on how to use a custom Google app. The new method we have implemented is completed automated in terms of connection and that requires the article to be re-written.

    Looking forward to helping you.


    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.


    Can you please confirm if you are an admin of the account and not seeing something like this:
    google analytics

    You can find that in the admin settings of Google Analytics:
    google analytocs user management

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

    Yes, I have permissions …

    Hi Guys, I’m assuming you have Sundays off, but today’s Monday so I’m hoping to finally get a resolution here so I can flush my caches and get Rank Math on our SEO map!


    Sorry for the unwanted delay.

    Can you please try reconnecting and record a video screencast and share that in the sensitive data section as we are not able to reproduce the same on our end?

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

    Well, I got tired of waiting so I simply proceeded. And well, no problem, however, I would suggest you guys bring some clarity to the workflow as I’m not the only one that has been confused by the way the flow presents itself. In other words, it appears as though your only option is to create a new Google Analytics Account, but that’s not what happens because finally once you get passed that then you are present with custom fields native to your UI, that indicates you can connect to existing OR create a new one. But who would just proceed when all they see is that Rank Math wants to create a new account??? Only those that are building a brand new site, but you’ve left out those that already have one with Gtags, and so, to those people, it’s very confusing.

    Maybe try and bring some clarity to this part of the install process, so I and all the others that have mentioned this don’t have to deal with this frustration.


    I already provided that very video, and screenshot that has since expired.

    But I’ll just place a new screenshot of permissions and the same video here because there is not really any sensitive data showing other than email addresses anyway, so, here again, is a screenshot showing I have the permissions needed, and the video … but here they are listed below instead. Do eliminate those links if you will please once you’ve viewed them. Prefer to not have email addresses visible, but not a big deal really, just don’t want them there forever is all. Thank you very much!


    Here is the exact message I sent 3 days ago: ………….

    “Permissions: https://ibb.co/5M4bzdM

    OK, so I was unable to replicate whatever wiped my redirects out, I do remember specifically a warning that said something like “You are about to delete 90 days of data. Are you sure you want to proceed” I had assumed that was just whatever old data Rank Math had deemed unnecessary or something so I confirmed. Now, about the other issue, connectivity. Here’s an unlisted youtube link video: https://youtu.be/NL3qAP6bkAw

    It shows how it appears as though the only option is to create a new GA account. So I don’t continue because I don’t want that. I just want it to connect with our existing one.

    Let me know ASAP so I can purge all caches, preload, resub my sitemap, and get Rank Math working for us! Very excited! Thanks for the prompt response!”


    Sorry for not following up quickly and any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    Yes, we are looking into how we can make that clearer.

    In a few days, we will be putting up a new KB article explaining all the permissions and things that the new app requires.

    In the meantime, we recommend to read the replies posted here:

    Hope that helps further. Thank you.

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