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  • Hi Todd,

    Thanks for your reply, It will be beneficial for large sites and eCommerce because sometimes we use caching on xml sitemap and right now cashing does not work because of frequent updates it is keep on changing with every update as the new entry comes in (sitemap1) instead of last sitemap for the same field. as it comes first it changes the structure of all other sitemaps too.

    Please let me know if you guys find some solution for this.

    Surender Mehra

    Thank you very much for reply,
    I tried increasing number of links per sitemap by heading over to Rank Math > Sitemap settings > Links Per Sitemap. Sitemap slow down our server resources when we increase it.

    However 2nd thing that you mentioned i did not try that. increase the allocated memory to my site means the server memory or WordPress memory.

    Can you also suggest me what should be the memory level for a site like me, any approx idea. Thanks it will be a great help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)