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  • I dont use an amp plugin. I dislike AMP… I have a daughter theme with minor customisations. Pls advise thankyou

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    Please tell me what to look for I dont wnat to wait for you to fix it. I need to know myself how to fix.. I believe it is fixed. but did not follow your steps exactly.

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    I didnt update my site until just now.. It was the plugin that was hacked definitely

    I cant possibly use this plugin anymore too much damage has been caused. Thankyou for helping me. Please advise what happens when you deactivate the plugin. What is rank math actively doing to the live pages. will they stay the same and only new pages posts be effected. Can you please provide a list

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    Does disabling the rich snippets remove the data from every page and post that has been published or just the newly created pages and posts

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    This tage where is it getting this data from it is incorrect my location is australia

    meta property=”og:locale” content=”en_US”

    That is a yoast tag apparently

    it appears as if rank math has been blocking my images which i did not set. my friend reset the robots file which is dynamically set by your plugin. and now my pages are appearing in the search the results because all my 1000s of images have reindexed. I was worried when I saw upgrades to your plugin with all these extra features. It seems you are trying to be everything including the kitchen sink. Previly your plugin update caused redirects to be added that were not there and stopped my menu from working. I have decided to stop using rank math as all that has happened is 100s of hours wasted. lost revenue and ranking. Please provide instructions how I may effectively disable and remove your plugin without causing further damage to my website.
    One bug in your code can have an impact that is devastating. I think using your plugin is too risky.

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    Another QUestion same topic… Should I go resubmit my sitemaps after the plugin has been updated to get the new updates to the schema

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    Me again… Do I need to:

    1. Manually Save each page on my website for the new Schema Code to be applied which is different from the old

    2. DO I need to manually resave all my BLOG posts and select article instead of blog posts??

    I am askings as my snippet positions have dropped so has my traffic and $$

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    Another QUESTION. I just updated the plugin now. NOW THE Code appears like the other website as above…. in my post above.. so looks like that answers that question.

    BUT i had to go into the page and resave it to get the schema code to appear. DO I have to go into each page on my website and Manually resave it to get the new schema code to appear? Do I need to to this ? I am assuming yes if i want to keep my page rank with each page.
    DO I HAVE to go into every

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)