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  • Hey Todd,

    Advanced 404 monitor is already enabled, but the log is empty. That was the whole point of this ticket…

    I want to be able to see stuff in the monitor panel, but nothing shows there, even if I deliberately hit a page that does not exists -> it won’t show there. I need help to see what could be done.


    Hey Todd, thanks for the response…

    I’ll go through your replies one by one:

    Are you using a custom 404 page to show to users who encounter a 404 on your page? If so, could you please let us know what you are using to create the custom 404 page?

    I’m using a simple 404 page as expected by the WordPress Template Hierarchy. I have a file called 404.php which renders the page if none of the other templates match the redirection rules of the whole site.

    Also, you can easily redirect all 404s to a URL of your choice. You can do that from WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > General Settings > Redirections > Fallback.

    If I’ve made myself clear in the example above, I don’t want to just blindly redirect the user to another URL. My goal is being able to monitor if a user had hit a 404 and see which page he was trying to hit.

    I’m already managing redirections that I need with the “Redirections” feature of RankMath. What I need with this 404 stuff is what the name suggests: to monitor

    Please, tell me if there are any other information that is missing, this feature should be very straight forward… I would suggest you to check the 404 monitor feature of the Redirection plugin ( that I’ve cited in my last reply. That’s the behaviour I was expecting…


    In reply to: 404 Monitor Empty

    Hey Michael,

    My site has indeed a custom 404 because I think it’s important to inform the user if he’d done something wrong.

    Despite that, my current version of the site is a revamp, so I have a lot of old links that I would like to track to see if people are accessing wrong pages.

    Aren’t there any kind of configuration where I could still use my 404 and still monitor for ir in RankMath?

    I’m very disappointed with this missing feature, I’ve always thought it was key to keep consistency of site URLs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)