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  • Hey,
    now i know exactly what i need.
    On the Product page of woocommerce, i have the main image and maybe 4 additional images under the main image for the product slider.
    All these images are mentioned in the rich snippet in the header.
    All of them get that og-image and the other stuff.

    I only want that the first main image got the rich snippet.

    Also i have deactivated the rich snippet type under the “product page” with “nothing”
    but the snippet does not change in the html.
    I don’t have cache on for logged in users and also have deleted the cache, but still its there.


    i found the problem of the redirect. it was an related post plugin who does that redirect.

    However how can i set all Woocommerce attributes pages to noindex ?
    If i add new products, new attributes are added which get fast indexed by google.

    I want them all on noindex.

    b. regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)