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  • Thanks that’s great.

    You can use HTML as well but using shortcodes in the FAQ is a no-no.

    I presume by this you mean no shortcode on the generated schema but OK in the actual page FAQ text – as it gets rendered as html anyway.Is that correct?

    I have tested in SDTT and it seems OK but it would be great if you could just confirm that’s what you meant

    I think page FAQs in spoilers work very well:

    Thank you I will try that.

    Do the questions and answer have to be exactly the same

    For example (1) if I edit an answer even very slightly, do I then have to redo the generated code all over again?

    (2) My QAs are all within a spoiler shortcode:

    [spoiler title ="Metal Mouthpieces are brighter than hard rubber" style="orange"]
    The thing that makes a mouthpiece bright is the baffle or chamber size, not the material.

    Do I extract just the question text and just the answer text in this case? Thanks

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    Then, you have to paste the resulting code inside your post/page as HTML code.

    You do not need to add anything to your functions.php file.

    Thanks but then it just shows a blank page also.

    Sorry I didn’t mean the function.php code I know about how to find the page id

    What I meant was the code generated by

    I have put that code in the head as instructed

    I have put the functions.php code in functions.php and edited the correct page id

    But then nothing shows on that page.

    Do I add anything to the actual page???

    so do I also put it on the page or what goes on the page to show the FAQs on the site?

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    Thanks for the workaround

    But I am still not clear on the generated code

    Do I put it both in the head and on the page, of just in the head but then what do I put on the page?

    That page provides all the code you need for adding FAQ schema to your pages.

    The page is not totally clear. I understand I need to add it to the head (but need to find a way to do that on just one specific page)

    But what do I put in the actual page itself? Do I just need to (somewhere on the page) have the same questions and answers as I put in the header code?


    Ok but headers and footers plugin pus code on all pages, not one specific page which would be needed.

    So when will rankmath do this, it is crucial. Please don’t say I need to go back to Yoast!


    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.

    Thanks I’ll try that.

    Does this mean you are continuing to support WordPress 4.xx versions and Classicpress?

    I seem to have fixed this by restoring the previous version of rank math. 1.0.29

    Thanks, I’m sure it will be useful for many people and gives that extra boost over Yoast!

    Edit: and actually thinking about it top of the page would be a position also.

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    I have also noticed that some settings have not imported correctly (a few descriptions have been truncated etc.

    It’s not a big deal and having the importer is great, but I think it’s worth warning people to check things like this after import as there could be some potentially bad issues.

    Thanks. I tried that and I just got a blank white page on my site 🙁

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I don’t mean the global description setting, what I mean is the structured data lower down the settings page


    For example the rich snippet setting to use for description is %excerpt%

    If there is no excerpt on the page, I want the structured data description to be the meta description as a fallback. But currently what happens if there is no excerpt, Google is just showing the first couple of lines of the page.

    If there is an excerpt it shows it.

    So I either need

    1) a way for the meta description to be the Rich snippet fallback when no excerpt


    2) copy all meta description to the excerpt field.

    Is either possible? Thanks

    Did you set that in WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Pages > Rich Snippet?

    Still a bit confused.

    In Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Pages > Rich Snippet I have set %excerpt%

    However if a page does not have an excerpt, but it does have a meta description (Under general > Preview) then it seems Google does not use that instead. I would want Google to use the meta description as fallback if there is no excerpt – is that possible?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)