Video Sitemap Not Found

  • i already added custom field in video sitemap,

    i think because my template using shortcode for process video, so plugin can’t detect it.

    [youtube url="Custom-field-url-youtube"]
    [youtube id="Custom-field-ID-VIDEO-Youtube"]

    so my custom field valud only “” or “evXpMo_clwg

    any solution ?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math today.

    In order to fix your issue, please make sure to add the Video Schema to the posts you want to include in that sitemap.

    please refer to our KB article regarding video sitemap here: for more details.

    I hope that answer your questions.
    Let us know if you need more help.


    Already added in WP > Rank Math > Sitemap Settings > Video Sitemap
    For all custom field with value url video

    but video iframe / shortcode called from my custom template, not in the_content

    Because i always got blocked when posted my code here,
    please check Example code here :

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    I found alternative method create global video schema but when using global templates schema, not detect in video sitemap. but when i manually edit schema directly from posting, video detected in video sitemap.


    Using your alternative method, is the video schema added to your posts? Could you please share some URLs that we can check from our end using this tool:

    Also are you using any plugin to process the video shortcodes on your posts/pages

    Looking forward to helping you

    More bugs ?
    download thumbnail create self post url in video-sitemap.xml


    for this reply, for hqdefault solved after update post

    i think i prefer using auto detect video method, using added manually schema too many bug for my template

    so, any filter to detect my shortcode without placing iframe in the_content ?

    after few doing some tests,
    i found why my custom field with value youtube url did’t detect, because it only detect when i publish new post, even not detect when i try update post

    conculsion =
    – need feature rebuild index video from all post
    – can’t detect url youtube in custom field repeater

    then i decide to back using alternative method global template, because my video embed is %url%/embed/%post-id% not only from youtube

    any suggestion to make global template video schema can detect in video-sitemap.xml ?

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