Unparsable structured data

  • Hi. I just tried to update to the latest versin which should fix the above, but get this message.
    An error occurred while updating Rank Math SEO: The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions. sitemap-cacher/rank_math_637bffad18060fa2a35b46628dff3886.xml, sitemap-cacher/rank_math_f22555e13ac44d6f93d9c9fd3c1f9303.xml, sitemap-cacher/rank_math_dbb9e1d0fdbf716b950c3cf5b3064d04.xml, sitemap-cacher/rank_math_ce2d7dd813238740709acd03bfa30661.xml

    All my settings is as should be. If I unstall and delete all the rank math files and folders I have to go tru all the setup of my products again?
    Regards Dan

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    No you can do a manual update and no data loss will be experienced since the settings are saved in the database. Please go ahead and delete the files and then do a clean install.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


    Hello. Thank you. I had the same problem with the last update and I deleted the files and the wanted to install the new version, but get a message like this — the installation cant continue as the folder already exist.
    I had to rename the folder where the site maps where in, as I could not delete it. As soon as I renamed this folder I could do a clean install.
    Regards Dan

    Hi Michael. Just tried to delete again and get this message

    Could not fully remove the plugin seo-by-rank-math/rank-math.php.
    And when I try to install the new version I get the same message —- Could not install Rank Math, as the folder already exist.

    Regard Dan

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the follow up.

    This problem may suggest that there is permission issue on your WordPress directories that are preventing the server from writing new files.
    Please get in touch with your host and raise this issue so that they may be able to help further.
    At the moment, please delete the plugin via FTP to ensure that there are no left over files.

    Let me know if the issue persists. Thank you.


    Since we did not hear back from you for 15 days, we are assuming that you found the solution. We are closing this support ticket.

    If you still need assistance or any other help, please feel free to open a new support ticket, and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you.

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