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  • Hi! In my Title Readability I have two addiational criteria, that aren’t visible to my firends, who have similar pages and also RM! That is: “Your title doesn’t contain a positive or a negative sentiment word.” and “Your title doesn’t contain a power word.” ” Does it up to type of website which particular criteria appear? How choose the best option for my business (I am wedding photographer)? Firt I tought it was due to website type but after I change it (from Personal portfolio to Small business) nothing change…

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  • Hello,

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    The settings on Rank Math are not website specific, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the settings that you have mentioned on the sensitive data section so that I can advise further on this?

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


    I hope I understood you correctly

    Here you can download screeenshots (two)

    Hi Ewelina,

    Thanks for the response.

    The ‘Title Readability’ options are changes that you can make to improve the SEO of a page, power words are specific types of words that elicit emotion and curiosity to the readers of your articles. It is recommended to embed these words in your article to ensure you receive more clicks. Please take a look at this article to learn more about this process.
    In regards to your question about choosing the right kind of website type. It is recommended to choose the website type that closely matches what your business is about. If you have a photography website and you are seeking to get more visitors to your website to get more business, you can make use of the local business option which will activate local SEO to help in improving your rankings.

    I hope this info helps.

    Well, I know that these criteria are changing depanding what is written but my friends do no see them on they websites although they should, I guess…, because I so their texts. Thanks for article (I have read it) and for your advice.

    Hi Ewelina,

    Thanks for the response.

    This checklist should appear for all types of websites, please have you friends ensure that they are running the latest version of the plugin 1.0.23.

    I hope this info helps.


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