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    Hi, you advise using ‘power words’ in the title but because the tab title is taken from the post title the tab title can come out with a power word instead of the title of the listing. Is it possible to set the tab title to be taken from the permalink ? or is there any other way to change how the tab title is generated or to even just edit the tab title on a per post bases ?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    The title on the browser’s tab is picked based on the <title> tag. This is not something that we control, rather, it is how the tab title is picked in HTML/browsers.

    Since the text of the SEO title is directly added to the <title> tag, they would always match.

    This is different from the post title. You can set the post title as per your requirement, but what you will set in the SEO title field, would be displayed on the tab.

    Here’s a screencast for a quick reference:

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.

    Thanks but unfortunately that doesnt help, maybe I didnt explain very clearly what I need help with.

    I dont need to add a modification at the end of the tab. If I add a power word at the beginning of the SEO title which is generally the only place a power word will make sense while allowing me to retain the structure of the keyword in the SEO title, I need to take the power word off the tab. e.g if I want blue car on the tab but then at the power word fantastic blue car, all you can see in the tab is fantastic blue as the title is too long for the tab and often the powerword is superfluous to whats needed in the tab. Without a solution to this I am going to be forced to add the power word at the end which often wont make sense and either spend time I dont have to try to force a power word in or just not add a power word. If the modification solution is the only way, can the modification be removing a word from the tab title or is there any other solution to this ? Kind regards, Andrew


    As my colleague has already explained that the title of the browser’s tab is taken from the <title> tag of your page. This tag is the SEO title of your page. The whole purpose of the power word test is to make that power word available for the search engine crawlers.

    If you will remove the power keyword from the title tag in the frontend then there is no point in passing that test in the backend. The SEO score generated in the post editor is only for your reference. So if you don’t want to display the power word in the tab then you can simply avoid that test and remove the power word from the SEO title.

    Hope this clarifies your doubts. Let us know if you need any other assistance.


    Not really because my question hasn’t been properly answered

    I’m not talking about removing it from the SEO title. Your video added a modification which didn’t show in the SEO title. So if a modification can be added can one equally removed without it being removed from the SEO title ?

    Adding a power word at the end of a listing makes it very difficult, I cant really see how that is easy for any marketplace/directory. e.g. ‘Blue car for sale 5,000€ fantastic’. It just doesn’t make sense it needs to be ‘fantastic blue car for sale 5,000€’

    Kind regards, Andrew

    For me it would be better, to take the tab title from the slug or keyword or for me to edit it as is done in your video when adding a modification.

    Kind regards



    We don’t believe that the SEO title should be generated from the slug or taken directly from the keywords.

    Both of those already have specific entries for them and the SEO title should also have its own setting.

    Even though the title in the tab might not show fully, that’s not very important since Google and all other Search Engines can read the title fully and will see that from the source code of your page.

    We stand by what we and other SEO plugins do in terms of the SEO title and have no intention to change its generation to fetch something from the permalink or the keywords fields.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

    I still think you are missunderstanding me

    My concern isnt about the SEO title, thats fine, I manually edit that anyway and my concern isnt about what google reads my concern is whats visible to humans in the tab. The tab for me is similar to a breadcrumb in that when I have tabs home I know exactly what each one is about and if there is tab saying ‘fantastic’, that aint going to mean anything to me.


    We understand your question but the reason we mention the SEO title is that what you see on the tab is taken directly from the title tag which in turn is taken from the SEO title so everything is related.

    Hope this helps clarify your doubts.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

    Is the title tag the whole of the SEO title or part of the seo title ?


    The title tag contains the whole SEO title. You can also say this as the SEO title covers the whole title tag.

    Hope this clears things further.

    Thank you.

    Well it seems there really no easy way around this but thanks


    We recommend adding the power words or positive/negative words to the SEO title, if you wish, you can put that at the middle or end of the SEO title and create the SEO title to match your needs. You should just ensure that the entire SEO title looks appealing.

    This would update the title in the tab along with the SEO title.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.

    Yeah with my type of site that aint easy to structure the title around the keyword have a number at the end which is generally the price and then adding a power word in the middle is impossible the only place left to add it is at the end which generally isnt going to make sense. I guess i will just have to select a few words that make sense before or after the price, that i can use for all posts. Not ideal but it doesnt seem there is alot of choice here.


    Sure, in that case, you can follow that approach.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you require any further assistance.

    Thank you.

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