Some posts not getting indexed. Weird results in the SERP.


    Hey guys,

    We have a site that wasn’t adding posts to the sitemap due to GSC not being connected. I’ve since connected it and now they’re all showing correctly.

    The weird thing here is, doing a site search (site: shows 88 results initially at the top of the SERP, but only 3 pages of results down the bottom. After clicking to Google’s page 3, the number 88 changes to 27 URLs indexed and very few of the blog posts are included in those 3 pages of SERPs. Searching for each individual blog post URL does pull up the result, suggesting it’s indexed.

    Could RankMath be causing problems here?

    Any help appreciated!

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    You are indeed using a plugin for caching on your installation. It’s called Endurance Cache:
    Endurance cache

    This might be added by your hosting provider automatically.

    I went ahead and disabled it temporarily so we can let Google see a non-cached version of the sitemap.

    Regarding the errors in the sitemap, I mentioned what’s causing this a couple of replies ago.

    This is because you have some posts that are adding images via the blurp feature and that causes issues when you also include those images in the sitemap because they are not in a standard format. These are most likely any background images you have set up on your posts.

    Hope this helps point in the right direction and solve some of your issues.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

    Okay thank you, Miguel. I’ll check back on that comment you mentioned, I don’t recall seeing it quite like that.

    What about this sitemap redirect issue that we were talking about before your reply above?


    Thanks for getting back to us.

    That caching plugin was not installed like normal plugins inside the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins section. I found those settings in the WordPress Dashboard > Settings.

    Regarding your sitemaps, right now the issue you see on Google Search Console is related to those Divi background images that generate an incorrect URL.

    Although your sitemaps should be redirected, at least to HTTPS versions, Google can clearly see all of them.

    Hope this helps clarify the situation further.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

    Guys, I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.

    Only one of the sitemaps should return a 200 status code. The remaining 3 sitemaps should all have a 301 status code, redirecting to the main sitemap (the one without www and with https).

    Their post sitemap also contains errors that are being generated by images implemented via Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

    To fix this, the custom fields used to implement the images in the content must also be added to the “Image Custom Fields” area of the RankMath sitemap settings.

    Is that correct?


    Thanks for getting back to us.

    The sitemaps should always point to the correct version (HTTPS and non-WWW).

    As for the images, those errors are coming from two places on the pages. The first place is the video that some pages have embedded. It seems that Divi is trying to load an image in that place due to the fact that you are lazy loading those videos.

    The second place is the CTA near the bottom of the pages. The image background in there is causing these issues as well.

    I would recommend that you get in touch with Divi about these issues. The functionality of Rank Math being able to see Divi images and adding them to the sitemap was added by the Divi team and that is why it is recommended that you contact them directly.

    Hope this helps clarify the situation.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

Viewing 5 replies - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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