• I do not even know where to begin. I can not even use your wizzard. Every time I click on a link to show me how I get another page of stufF I have no idea what it is. Then I finally get the site verified and I go back and it wont show up on the wizzard. then how do I make a TOS and what should it say? What sort of tracking? What is that? What is the application?

    Application Homepage Link (What is the link for the application? What is the Homepage? What is the application?)
    Privacy Policy Link. (Privacy policy? What should that say?)
    Link to TOS (optional, but recommended) (Terms of Service? You buy shit we sent it. That is our terms….)

    And this is supposed to be the wizzard for EASY??

    But, I did get all the way to step #10. Normally I cant get past step 2 or 3 on these help menu’s. Many of the steps along the way did have me lost for a while but now after 2 hours trying to do this I have to say I quit.

    I am sure you can not help me since I would not even know where to start asking quesions. It is not totally your fault since GOOGLE is a nighmare as well.

    I am thrilled so many people love your product. I am also glad there is no place for me to leave a review sice it would be unfair to you.

    All the best.
    Jeff A Thompson

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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