Sitemaps Do Not Work

  • Hi. My sitemaps doesn’t just work. Sitemap should be the simplest thing to do this century. You have other fabtastic features that work well and I ask why does someone need to be clicking on permalink and some settings before a simple sitemap can work?

    It belittles your capabilities, guys!

    I have saved permalinks, and have clicked on the settings as seen on other threads. I even had deactivated my cache plugin and nothing happened. I’ve had to purge cache for umpteen times too. Same!

    1. I have set it to show 1000 per page and with contents of over 1200, it shows post-sitemap1.xml with 200 urls and post-sitemap2.xml with 250 url. post-sitemap1.xml can’t be read by google.

    2. When I visited post-sitemap.xml it shows 1000 urls but that doesn’t show on main sitemap page (sitemap_index.xml). Google bot can’t even see the page.

    3. Now, the sitemaps I set off still show and the ones I want on wouldn’t come up.

    It’s tiring and this will be a hand I am letting out before I uninstall it on all my sites.




    poll-sitemap.xml (set this to not show and it shows)




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  • Note: I have sent support email and no response.


    Thanks a lot for your query and we are so sorry about the trouble this must have caused.

    The changes made in the Sitemap Settings should take effect immediately. If that is not the case, it might be caused by the caching solution you are using on your site. To determine that, can you please follow this troubleshooting guide?
    Only the site admin would know and your users won’t be affected by this troubleshooting.

    Let us know how that helps. Thank you.


    Since we did not hear back from you for 15 days, we are assuming that you found the solution. We are closing this support ticket.

    If you still need assistance or any other help, please feel free to open a new support ticket, and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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