Sitemap error when using Weglot multilingual service

  • Hi,

    I am trying out your plugin and managed to set it up. Everything seems to be fine, EXCEPT for sitemaps. I get the following error:

    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Line Number 251, Column 50:			<!--Weglot 3.0.6--><aside data-wg-notranslate class='country-selector weglot-dropdown weglot-default'><input id="wg15594912245cf3f2983e8ba703" class="weglot_choice" type="checkbox" name="menu"/><label for="wg15594912245cf3f2983e8ba703" class="wgcurrent wg-li weglot-flags flag-0 en" data-code-language="en"><span>English</span></label><ul><li class="wg-li weglot-flags flag-0 ur" data-code-language="ur"><a data-wg-notranslate href="">اردو</a></li></ul></aside> </body>

    So no sitemap for me. This is accross all sitemaps on the site.

    If i disable Weglot plugin ( then the sitemaps generate just fine.

    I am disabling the plugin for now (going back to Yoast) but would love to come back to RankMath, so i hope you can resolve / fix the problem for me very soon or with your next update.


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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    I have been able to reproduce this conflict on my end and this has been submitted to our dev team for closer investigation and we will be getting back to you soon with an update about this.
    Please note that it is not necessary to deactivate Rank Math and lose all the other great features from the plugin. You can deactivate the Sitemap module by heading over to Rank Math > Dashboard and then install the Google XML sitemaps plugin. I have tested the three plugins on my site and they work well in harmony.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.



    Thanks for looking into this and testing out a plugin before suggesting it for me. I’ve added this in and the sitemaps are there now!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the follow up.

    I am glad that this is now working smoothly on your end.

    Feel free to contact us should you run into any other issues.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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