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  • Hi

    First, thumbs up for RankMath. I just have switched from Yoast to RankMath and I will advice some friends to do the same.


    First, Some general comments about SEO software and SEO software designers.

    1/ External Links
    I am still astonished that having external links is a good think. Yoast said the same.

    When you have someone visiting your Website, your first idea is to keep him/her on your website, right?

    Did you see an entrance to Burger King at any Mac Donald restaurant? Or even an entrance to a cooking bookshop in a restaurant?

    Is there a difference on a website? No!! Or please explain me!

    This “external links” thing comes maybe from seventies geeks heritage or Google/Facebook/Instagram policy that just want more traffic everywhere, because more traffic everywhere means more traffic for them.

    Byt the way, I did not find any external links on 🙂

    Internal links
    Again, this may be a seventies geeks heritage.
    Maybe SEO thinkers and designers forgot that we all have menus in our website. The internal links are in the menu!

    And is it really a good idea to encourage your reader to read something else before finishing his current reading?

    And is it really a good idea to provide blog articles links on you Shop page? When you have someone on your shop page, do you really want him/her to go elsewhere? Giving him/here the opportunity NOT TO BUY??!! Or not have enough time to buy after going elsewhere on your website, because the phone is ringing, you have your children to fetch at school.

    OK, you need SEO to be found on the Internet. But not at the price of forgetting elementary marketing that push away your visitors and potential customers as soon as they arrive on you Website!!

    Second, somme comments aboutRankMath
    I already said “thumbs up”.


    Blog and blog posts
    No, I do not want to repeat the Focus KeyWord in H1 or H2 when I already have it in the SEO Title and often in the post category
    It would make the blog very unprofessional

    There is no SEO software that is able to analyse the “real” Blog page from the front end and not from the back end. In modern themes, Blog pages are designed outside the standard editor or Gutenberg. So making a SEO analysis of the bog page from the back-end is a non sense.

    Performance/Minify/Javascript/Page size
    On what criteria are you able to state that some CSS files and scripts are not minified???? This is absolutely beyond a SEO software scope. Especially, when, of course, everything has been well optimized, with a 100 PageSpeed score, 88 Yslow score (because Yslow does not know my CDN), 93 for Mobile and 99 for computer on PaageSpeed Insights!!

    If you want to give information about the design of the website, provide the result of the front end on PageSpeed or whatever, but providing false positive from the back end is really a bad idea. Do you aim at selling cache/minify/cdn plugins?

    About the average 33 kb and 50 kb recommandation for html, it is just a good joke.

    Social Seo
    So it is bad not to have Linkedin or Instagram or Facebook account???

    Best and kind regards

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math today.

    We really appreciate the feedback and concerns above 🙂

    1). In the early SEO days, people used to love getting links and hate linking out to other websites. This defeated the purpose of the web, which was to connect with relevant content with links. People did this because linking out meant giving away some link juice or SEO value that their website has accomplished. The entire process was termed as Page Rank Sculpting.

    Overnight, Google realized this and changed the game. It started by rewarding websites which freely linked out to other websites while also providing great content combined with good user experience. This is the reason behind external linking.

    2). This one is recommended for websites with hundreds of pages and some of the links might not appear on the menu navigation and this really helps out the spiders when analyzing your content. Please take a look at the following page for more info on this:
    I can also recommend that you take a look at this page for more information

    3). This is where the primary and secondary focus keywords come in. You do not have to repeat the same keywords. Rank Math recommends up to 5 focus keywords that you can use on your post.

    4). I will pass on your suggestions for this issue to our dev team but we do not have any affiliations to any caching plugin, the plugin will check if the CSS and JS on the theme is minified and share the recommendations.

    5). From recent research findings, social network likes, comments and shares do not have a direct impact on ranking but it has some importance as discussed on this page

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


    Thanks for your answer.

    Just one quick observation about 1/ does not have any external link on any page except GNU that was mandatory

    I do have external links on my website, they are all in my pages foot, and they all refer to MY business….

    By the way, your page is broken on Safari web browser. Yoast column appears is not aligned with yours. All is OK on Chrome.



    Please stay advised that these are just guidelines and one does not need to follow them religiously.

    At the end of the day, the content needs to be written for the readers and not for the search engines.

    For the external links, Google said themselves here:

    We can conclude: If you are using nofollow in your content you do not trust the content you are recommending.

    Contrary – if you are using normal links you are considered genuine and rank higher.

    But if you think you do not want to add any followed links on a page, you are free not to and can safely ignore the test/warning.

    Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know. Thank you.

    P.S. Thank you for the heads up, we will fix the CSS issue in the Safari browser.


    Since we did not hear back from you for 15 days, we are assuming that you found the solution. We are closing this support ticket.

    If you still need assistance or any other help, please feel free to open a new support ticket, and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you.

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