SEO Analysis sometimes seems broken

  • I have some posts where the SEO analysis algorithm just seems to not work properly (and I can’t see any particular reason why some of them work right and some don’t).

    For example, this post:

    The keyword is set as DIY stab-bound. This exact phrase is present in 2 headings and multiple image ALT tags. But the SEO analysis says that my keyword phrase is not present in any headings or any ALT tags, and the keyword density is low. (It might still be, but I think it’s reading as lower than it is because the headings aren’t being counted.) I wonder if the algorithm reads the keywords as case sensitive and that might be causing some problems?

    But that isn’t the only thing wrong with this post. It also says I don’t have any outgoing links or any dofollow outgoing links but, in fact, there are 7 outbound links, and at least one of them is dofollow.

    As you can imagine, this is really throwing off the total score, too, because that’s four different elements that are appearing as not present at all, which are, and keyword density should be better than the system thinks.

    Any idea why some of my posts are doing this, or how to fix them?

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  • Never mind! I just updated within the last few days, so I thought I was current, but I just realized there’s a new update and it fixes this bug, so I’m all set.


    Glad that helped.

    Please feel free to reach out to us again in case you need any other assistance.

    We are here to help.

    Thank you.

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