Search console can’t read rankmath sitemap

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    Kindly share your website URL and error details you are seeing in the search console regarding the sitemap.

    Looking forward to helping you.

    Thank you

    47 url in sitemap but search console never update and never read url

    Check out the screenshot


    Two variations of the sitemap are returning 200 status and one is returning an error, you can check using

    Please ensure that only 1 version of the sitemap is working (200 status), and the rest are redirecting to it.

    Please follow the steps in this link: and redirect to the correct version.

    Once done, clear your website cache and resubmit the sitemap in the Search Console.

    Also, Indexed, Not Submitted in Sitemap is not an issue, it only means that Google has already indexed the posts but not through the sitemap.

    It is possible that Google is crawling your website and indexing the posts through the internal links on your website and not through the sitemap, and as a result, the crawl budget for your website is exhausted and Google is not able to discover the URLs through your sitemap.

    There is nothing to worry about as long as the posts/pages are getting crawled and indexed.

    I hope this helps.

    Looking forward to helping you.

    i applied but the issue remain same


    I tested the variations of the sitemaps and two variations are still returning the 200 status.

    Please ensure that only one/preferred variation returns the 200 status and other variations redirect to it with a single 301 redirection.

    Also, once this is done, assuming you’re resubmitted the index sitemap, please wait for Google to crawl the website again as Google would see the changes once the website is crawled again.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.

    can i use rankmath redirection or can you do it for me….?


    Unfortunately, this redirection cannot be achieved with Rank Math’s Redirection Manager and thus we shared the guide with you that mentions the process of redirecting to the preferred variation.

    As there is one non-www and one www variation that is returning the 200 status, you can also follow anyone among the below guides, based on the preferred variation, to set up the redirection:
    WWW to non-www:
    Non-www to www:

    If you’re not sure, please get in touch with your web host as they would be in a better position to assist you.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you.

    I have added a new screenshot of htaccess kindly check and tell me this is correct or not


    The rule inside the .htaccess file looks fine but it isn’t working as both versions of your sitemap are still returning a 200 status:

    Please get in touch with your host as they will be able to help you fix this issue.

    Let us know how that goes. Looking forward to helping you.



    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.

    The host clearly says no issue in configuration and say to regenerate the sitemap so please help me further


    To regenerate the sitemap please follow these steps:

    1. Flush the sitemap by following this tutorial:

    2. Make sure that you exclude your sitemap from being cached by following this tutorial:

    After completing these your sitemap should be showing all the posts/pages/products correctly.

    ​​​​​​​Let us know if that fixes the issue.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    issue still remain same after regenerate the sitemap


    As per your latest screenshot, 46 URLs (out of 47 in the post sitemap) are already discovered from the index sitemap and no errors are shown. I also checked a few featured posts on your homepage and many of them are already indexed.

    Google also seems to be crawling the website regularly.

    In this case, as mentioned by my colleague, it is possible that Google is crawling and indexing the posts through the internal links on your website and not through the sitemap.

    As long as the posts are getting indexed, there’s nothing to be worried about.

    With that being said, the two variations are still returning the 200 status. It is recommended to fix that by redirecting one of them to the preferred variation.

    I checked with and it seems like your website is hosted on the NGINX server.

    With NGINX server, the default htaccess would not work. Please ask your web host to add the redirection of the variation in the NGINX configuration file and see if the redirection is achieved.

    Let us know how that goes.

    Thank you.

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