Shortcode doesn’t show stars and generate duplicate content

  • Hi guys!
    Firstly thanks a lot for your nice plugin. I have 2 issues:

    Show rating: You recommend use shortcode to show rating. I pasted it below content, but I use Rich Snippet tool to check it, it doens’t appear. Please check attached images.

    Duplicate content: If I paste shortcode below content appear all content (title, descriptions, time, etc) and it generates duplicate content because I wrote it above inside of recipe.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help 🙂

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 5 days ago by Wilmonfer.
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    1. Did you add any rating to your Recipe using Rank Math?

    The Schema is showing up correctly:

    Do note that Rank Math has an option to add author ratings but the screenshot from your other plugin has user ratings that Rank Math doesn’t have an option for.

    2. You can choose not to use the Shortcode. But, using the Schema shortcode doesn’t cause duplicate content issues because Google actually recommends doing that for the Schema.

    Thanks for your reply! But when I paste the shortocde in my content (you recommend it to do that), this shortcode paste the same content that I wrote before in my recipe. One picture says more than a thousand words. Check it please:


    Thanks a lot in advance for your help 🙂

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    Please add the following filter to remove the generated data and show your own custom display while Rank math only adds the schema mark up for in the back end.

     * Filter: Allow disabling the review display.
     * @param bool $return true to disable.
    add_filter( 'rank_math/snippet/review/hide_data', '__return_true' );

    Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know. Thank you.

    Thanks for your help!
    So sorry, but I’m not an expert in WP. Could you tell me how can I add filters?

    I paste the code in function.php in my theme (Generatepress), but I can’t see any change.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


    You just need to paste it at the end of the functions.php file, as you said you did.

    If it is not working for you, we might need to take a closer look at the settings. Please edit the first post on this ticket and include your WP logins in the designated Sensitive Data section.
    Sensitive Data Section

    It is completely secure and only our support staff has access to that section. If you want, you can use the below plugin to generate a temporary login URL to your website and share that with us instead:

    You can use the above plugin in conjunction with the WP Security Audit Log to monitor what changes our staff might make on your website (if any):

    We really look forward to helping you.


    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.

    Thank you very for your quick reply!

    I paste the filter in function.php, but unfortunately I can’t see any change. You have temporal access in sensitive data section.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. If you do not wish to show the Recipe Schema content on the frontend, you can remove the shortcode.

    2. Using the shortcode adds the Recipe Schema to the frontend but that is not considered as duplicate content by Google since it is part of the Schema and actually recommended by Google.

    There is nothing to change everything looks normal on your website.

    Hi there!
    Your answer doesn’t solve my issue, but thanks anyway 🙂

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    Could you please rephrase your question, may be it was not clear, and we will do our best to answer it.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you

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