redirection rules exist before import or module enabled

  • Hi team,

    I successfully imported all of the (333) redirects from the redirection plugin into Rank Math but, for reasons I can’t figure out, there were 450 showing in Rank Math (confirmed by a crawl from Screaming Frog). The Redirection module was only enabled for the very first time during the import process; and although I did import from Yoast earlier, I unchecked ‘import redirections’ and anyway, it was the free version of Yoast which doesn’t feature an option for redirections. Plus, there isn’t a single redirection coded in .htaccess. Interestingly, with Redirection and Rank Math plugins both enabled at the same time (for the purposes of testing on a staging site), the Redirection plugin offered an option to import 117 redirections from Rank Math!

    To correct, I temporarily disabled the Redirections module in Rank Math, re-activated the Redirection plugin, deleted redirection rules in Rank Math then re-imported from the Redirection plugin and, voila, only 333 redirects showing in Rank Math.

    That said, I’d rather not push the changes to my live site until I know for sure how the abovementioned 117 redirections came about. Really sorry to trouble you, but might you have an idea?

    Very many thanks and warmest regards,


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  • closing ticket as i worked out what happened…my apologies for bothering you in the first place!


    Glad this is resolved.

    Please feel free to reach out to us again in case you need any other assistance.

    We are here to help.

    Thank you.

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