Redirection for eg ?page_id=104 not working

  • Resolved Alain

    I’m trying to set up a redirection for /?page_id=104 url. The system cannot redirect them to e.g. /blog.

    All other redirections with “normal” urls are fine. Can you help me?


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  • Hello,

    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.


    Doesn’t work. The area of 404 monitor recognizes only the main domain ( It is not possible to set up a redirection from:

    From: /?page_id=104


    Hi Alain,

    Thanks for getting in touch with me.

    By default, Rank Math ignores query strings and passes them to the target URL. Without getting into details too much on why we do that, you can use this filter in your theme’s functions.php file to override that.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    Hey Todd
    I’m having the same issue – none of my old pages that were referred to by ?page_id=xxxx are redirecting – even after putting the filter into the functions.php.

    I also note that Alain’s isn’t working still either, as I just tried his link.

    In a word – HELP?!



    Thank you for the reply.

    We might need to take a closer look at the settings. Please create a new ticket and include your WP logins in the designated Sensitive Data section.
    Sensitive Data Section

    It is completely secure and only our support staff has access to that section. If you want, you can use the below plugin to generate a temporary login URL to your website and share that with us instead:

    You can use the above plugin in conjunction with the WP Security Audit Log to monitor what changes our staff might make on your website (if any):

    We really look forward to helping you.


    Hi Michael

    Thank you so much. I don’t need support for this anymore. I only have one case in google and it is irrelevant for me. Cliff seems to have multiple issues. Please address the problem with him so he can be helped faster.

    You can also easily recreate this in your own development environment. Just take a URL with “/?page_id=XY” (XY=number). The page does not exist then. Check it in 404 Monitor and try to create a redirection.

    Thanks and best regards

    Hi Alain,

    We are taking a closer look at this issue.

    We will get back to you with a solution.

    It seems the option isn’t working as intended.

    Thank you.

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