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  • Not sure if I am right but thought to let you know.

    A month ago, to update the SEO Score for all my Posts I thought to give a closer look to all the factors that can bring Higher Ranking in Google and better CTR according to Rank MATH SEO Recommendations. Two of them are: Adding Focus Keyword into the URLs and shortening the length of the URLs under 75 Characters.

    Without giving a second thought, I started adding both the factors into URLs for all the 115 Posts. I was aware of the Permalink change impact but didn’t care about that much and forget that the old URL links have been placed in the description of YouTube Videos, Cards, and EndScreens.

    Without Turning On the Redirection in Rank Math I started changing the URLs. I tried clicking on old links and I think Rank Math was automatically redirecting them to the new address even the Redirection feature was Disabled.

    Anyway, a few days after I read about Redirection and how important it is to redirect your old URLs to the new ones. I enabled Redirection in Rank Math and started redirecting old URLs to the new ones. Note down that the AMP support was enabled for all the Blog Posts.

    The first thing that I notice about Redirection is that if we change the Slug or Permalink of a WooCommerce Product then it doesn’t add an Automatic Redirection even though it displays the message.

    Secondly, if we see the Google Search Console Crawl requests: Not found (404) report then it shows all the old URLs with 404 Error for all the AMP Pages. That means, if we change the URL then creates the Automatic Redirection for the Post but not for the AMP Pages.

    So, I am bit confused that there are 100s of Pages in Search Console under 404 that require all the AMP Pages should be redirected to a new URL with /AMP in the end for instance:

    Old URL: redirected to
    New URL:

    Old AMP URL: is not automatically redirected and shows an error in Search Console with Crawl requests: Not found (404) and that is for all the posts that I redirected to the New URL. They haven’t changed for AMP Pages.

    So, should I need to redirect them manually or Google will automatically fetech the new ones and will remove the old from Crawlers?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    I tested from my end the amp URL is automatically redirected to the new URL. Please ensure you have enabled the option to redirect posts automatically in Rank math > General Settings > Redirections

    Also, which AMP plugin are you using?

    If you are using the AMP for WP plugin, please choose Rank Math from the dropdown at WordPress Dashboard > AMP > Settings > SEO.

    If you are using any other AMP plugin, please enable the Rank Math AMP module at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


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