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    My GSC’s Page with redirect lists a couple of URL without “/” like the following

    It redirects to the following,

    I probably set them up in 301 Redirection plugin a couple of years ago before installing RankMath plugin. How can I remove them all? Please advise.

    This is the site,

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    The redirection is being done automatically by WordPress, you can confirm this here: which means you have our permalinks set with a slash at the end in WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalinks

    Please change this then clear your cache and let us know if this issue persists.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    Thank you for your help, Michael.

    I changed the Permalinks setting from the post name to custom structure and removed the slash at the end like this,


    Does that mean all URL with the slash at the end will be reported under Page with redirect in GSC from now on? Which one is proper setting, with or without the slash?


    I got new GSC coverage issue,
    Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user

    The affected URLs are the following ones so far and they all don’t have the slash at the end,

    Is this because I changed the Permalinks setting? Please advise.


    Here’s an update that I got today.
    All URLs under Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user are gone but some URLs appeared under Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical.

    Do you have any idea?


    I checked your URLs and the canonical URLs in the page source show up as self canonical.

    Try inspecting your URLs again, this might be just have been a temporary issue.

    Looking forward to helping you.


    I got an update today and I’d like to get your advice.
    Most of my URLs with “/” at the end are listed under Page with redirect now. This is confusing because I’m trying to fix redirect issue without “/” at the end after changing the Permalink setting.

    Once all issues clears I will eventually change the Permalink setting back to post-name with “/” at the end. Do you think URLs without “/” will then be listed under Page with redirect instead?


    In relation to your question here, once you have changed the URLs with the trailing slash[“/”]under the permalinks custom structure most of the links will automatically be updated and thus will be removed in the redirect listing.

    However, if you wish to revert these URLs to the permalink setting containing the trailing slash [assumming that you have completely fixed the redirect issue without “/”] then they will most probably not be listed in the redirect section. This is because you have already updated them from the permalinks settings, thus it would be just like doing a revert of what you have done, but now having every URL without “/”.

    The best approach is to consistently update all the URLs having the trailing slash with the custom structure permalink setting. Then simply stick to one format to avoid them being listed in the redirection. This includes also any other custom permalinks you may use even under the optional & products permalinks section.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    Thanks, Uzair. I keep you updated.


    Glad that helped.

    Let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to assist you.

    Thank you


    Since we did not hear back from you for 15 days, we are assuming that you found the solution. We are closing this support ticket.

    If you still need assistance or any other help, please feel free to open a new support ticket, and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you.

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