RankMath Not Activating

  • I can’t get the SEO Analysis to work as it requires activating the account. I get redirected to the activation page, hit OK and then it goes back to my WP ADMIN but nothing has activated. Any ideas?

    I’ve attempted it with incognito mode and have all caching turned off. It shows up in my list on the rankmath website but the activation does not take and I can’t use the services that require full activation.

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  • I’m going to setup a new login without password for you and replace the existing link in the sensitive data section.


    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.

    I updated the temp login just now and placed it in the sensitive data section. Good for 24 hours

    Addendum: I’ve gone ahead and repeated all steps both stated and instructed by you just to be 100% positive everything was followed to the T. I’m absolutely certain I haven’t left anything out or misstated any given detail.

    In addition to all of that: I’ve deactivated all but the 3 essential plugins required for the site to be just one step removed from needing a MaintMode page while we work on this. You’ll see what I mean when you get in there.

    I’ve also removed the site (once again) from both of my RankMath accounts so it’s a clean slate waiting on you.

    I also want to add that there is a sister site to this one running nearly all of the same software (meaning server o/s, php version, wp version, theme, plugins) on the same host and it activates just fine and dandy.

    Looking forward to seeing what you find.

    I’ve extended the time limit on the link provided in the sensitive section. Patiently awaiting your diagnosis. You are greatly appreciated RM Support Team. Cheers M8s

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    Hi Jason,

    We are extremely sorry for the delay in response. We couldn’t get back to you during the weekend and we have been swamped by tickets, well, because we couldn’t check all the tickets during the weekend.

    I have sent this to the dev. team and they are checking this on a priority basis.

    We will get back to you on this ASAP.

    no problem, Todd. Much appreciated. I look forward to seeing what you find.

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your patience. It looks like the issue is related to your PHP configuration, as some functions seem to be disabled on your server.

    I ran the phpinfo() function on your site which revealed that the base64_decode() function is disabled, which is causing an issue in the registration process. Please get in touch with your hosting provider and ask them to enable it for your site. Having it disabled may cause issues not only in Rank Math but other products as well because this is a widely-used function.

    Hope that helps.

    That did it! Thank you so very much.

    The hosting provider agreed to enable base64_decode() function to allow this to work. Question: Does it need to be kept enabled for RankMath to function or was this just an activation issue?

    Hi Jason,

    You should keep it enabled.

    We are glad it is all working now.

    If you need help with anything else, please open a new support ticket here so we can help:


    We are always here for assistance.

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