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  • Hi. I was reading the article so I could translate it to persian. A local SEO article is a public and accessible article. So it does not include professional user rulesthat has become a tool for you

    When we enable the multiple locations option, a number of other settings are added. Including close lable and Hide Opening Hours and Open 24/7 label and Map style and Maximum number of locations to show and more… The question is, are these options just for displaying for pages have shortcode to show information Or in the Google results does change with our selection? I want to know if the effect of these options is only for see on a page on site or is it processed as rich data by Google ? for example if i change close label to (بسته) then in google search result i can see new word?

    this link for example :

    I help people review your products in Persian, so if you do not share me your sales profit or give me a professional plugin as gift, at least answer my question. A public question that is in your articles. thanks

    These are your articles that I have translated for the people of Iran : virgool is a brand of biggest blog in iran . More than 100,000 words for you actually. I work for free to spread knowledge. so there is a simple question. thanks

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  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch.

    That information added in the Local SEO tab is available for Google to see and it is included in the Schema of your homepage, and any about/contact pages you may choose to show your information on.

    You can change the labels to anything you want but the information to the Schema will be provided to Google in the format that they understand.

    So, feel free to make any changes to the labels and it will not affect the Schema or the SEO.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    thank you very much dear mr Uzair. Your guidance was very good. thanks

    Many users in Iran read my articles. They share their problems with me. For Iranian professional users, please check these errors and fix them in the next updates. This is the address of your articles in Persian. At the end of each article I will answer the all comments. I help users solve their problems instead of uninstall rank math. If you have a solution for these cases, please guide me. Otherwise, please work on these cases because it is very important and fix theme in next update please.

    1-The first problem that cannot be solved in Iran is the $title_variable error. Users when put a schema like factcheck on a page. If the fields are not filled in correctly and the schema is saved Then the site becomes inaccessible and this error appears on the screen ( $title_variable error ). The solution is to delete the Meth rank and delete the database, but why? Meanwhile, this error has nothing to do with persian calendar.

    2-Several people reported that on online store sites, review by people had to be entered manually in ratingValue . Rank Math can not automatically save theme in ratingValue . only review entered manually show on SERP. is that possible? WHAT WE CAN DO ?

    ***All your answers will be included in the persian articles. I have a bias on the rank math and I try to solve the problems of professional users in my country. Iranians are bad customers. We are impatient and do not wait for the problem to be solved That’s why I try to speak to my people in good language to solve the problems. The future of SEO and schema is in your hands



    1. Can you please share a screencast of this issue using and share that with us? Or, give us the step we can take to replicate this.

    2. Which Schema type are we talking about here?

    Product, Recipe and other Schema types offer a UI option to enter the Ratings Value:

    So, which Schema type are you talking about?

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