Plugin broken with wordpress 5.6 – urgent problem

  • Today i installed WordPress Update 5.6.

    Now I notice, that there are big problems with rank math (Pro Version) with already published Post:

    – Keywords are deleted after changing post
    – title is not filled even %title% is used
    – Button change snippet you get to the top of the page and not the menu is open

    Here it look when open an existing post:


    After save post after editing content:


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  • Sorry to say … it’s not just Firefox. I’m using Mac Safari v14.0.1 on Big Sur. So it’s not just the browser.

    I just logged into WP admin on my iPad Pro on iPad OS 14 using Safari. When I first logged in & went to a new post draft I was working on, the RankMath interface was working as it should. And soon as I saved it, the colored keywords, turned to comma delimited text, and none of the buttons worked as stated earlier.

    This same thing happened to me last night after having quit Safari & the post I was working on, restarted my computer & worked on the same post again. The RM interface worked as it should, but as soon as I did a save, the RM interface broke & became non functional.

    So it’s not just the browser. Something is seriously wrong.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I guess Andy is right!

    In Chrome, it seems to have no issues.

    I haven’t installed CCleaner yet for fear of losing browser data.

    So, is it a question of browser compatibility? I use FF for many of my work, avoiding FF is hard for now but can be if it’s really an FF issue.

    Calling on RM guys…nice if someone from your end can share your inputs on this matter. The community is waiting.

    which is having issues ? WP 5.6 or RM ? If the findings of Andy is correct (which seems to be correct at first), then I’m in the wrong forum…I should be knocking on WP’s door instead of RM.

    WP 5.6 works fine – with firefox too. But not RM unter WP 5.6.

    Another way…clear browsing history of FF. It worked for me without using ccleaner. Im now back to FF, RM is now (seems) to be working fine in WP 5.6.

    After all this testing with RM & WP 5.6, Safari & Firefox (Mac & iPad) I downgraded WP to 5.5.3, did the WP database upgrade/downgrade (it’s required) & Rank Math works fine.

    I reinstalled WP 5.6, did the database update again and RankMath stopped working as before.

    I’m currently back at WP 5.5.3 & blocked WP from auto updating until RankMath is fixed. Once I see an update—auto or otherwise—I’ll update WP to 5.6 & see what happens.

    Hopefully this is fixed soon.

    copy that! the same with clearing browsing history of FF… so it seems that it’s not WP nor RM…FF is now included in terms of compatibility…triggered by WP’s 5.6 new functionalities (or something else) that led to RM issues.

    it’s a spaghetti…WP came out with new stuff that affected RM and FF wherein RM and FF is fine before WP’s update…

    Anyway, I hope the 3 can come-up with fixes on this matter coz things got really messed-up for many WP and RM users…plus FF.

    Same problem here.

    Titles, metadescriptions, etc. disappeared after updating to WordPress 5.6.

    Also, the interface now looks like the image posted by Ralf Reymann.

    I am also facing Same problem. While adding new product Titles, meta descriptions, etc. disappeared after updating to WordPress 5.6. Please solve the problem.


    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and bringing your concern to our attention. I’m sorry for the delay and for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

    Assuming you are using the latest version of all the plugins and the themes (please update if not yet), this seems like a cache issue. Could you try a hard refresh to clear the cache JS and CSS file with the page in question opened?

    Windows: Ctrl + F5
    Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
    Linux: F5

    If the issue persists, please use Chrome or Safari browser for now. Our team is already aware of this issue and we will release an update with a fix soon.

    We appreciate your patience in this matter.

    Thank you and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

    Same problems after updating WP to 5.6 in free version.
    The rule is “Never hurry upgrade to the newest version”

    Clearing the cache or tapping ctrl + F5 does not change anything.



    We are extremely sorry about this but we are checking this issue on Firefox (mostly) with WP 5.6 and Rank Math

    For now, please use Chrome to make changes to your content while we work on a permanent solution with an update.

    We will get back to you ASAP.

    On the Mac it’s broken on both Safari & Chrome on Big Sur. So I sure hope you’re checking that as well. I’ve already downgraded WordPress to pre-5.6 to make RM work.

    Check my other posts for what troubleshooting I’ve already done under WP 5.6 on the Mac. Turning off caching, and all other plugins, as well as deleting all cookies and refreshing a post’s editing page does not fix it on the Mac.

    Only a WP downgrade did.

    Just updated to Rank Math v1.0.54.2 RM, Pro to v2.0.7 & updated WordPress to 5.6 — still the same problem.

    These are the errors RM is throwing in Safari 14.0.1 Mac:

    MS Errors

    If I empty the web cache in Safari & reload the editor page Rank Math interface is back, showing my keyword colored correctly & all RM buttons & links work as they should. Though my previous keywords could be gone & I have to add them again.

    The first time I try to Update & save any edit in the WP editor, all the RM interface goes back to its broken state as it was before the recent RM updates.

    RM Interface After Update

    After page cache & refresh:

    After any save/update:
    After Save Or Update

    For myself … todays RM updates did’t fix the issue & now I’ll revert back to a pre-5.6 version of WP until you guys REALLY figure out the problem & solve it.

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