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  • 92 URLs on our site is not showing in the sitemaps. We have tried clearing the cache.

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  • I am having the same problem with new posts…I checked and over 50 of my posts were not indexed last month. I thought it was a glitch. Same thing again a month later with 20 new posts. Grrr.


    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    98% of these URLs are paginated series’. These do not need to be part of your sitemap as only the main page needs to be included.

    The others are translated pages and the inclusion of them in the sitemap depends on what multilingual plugin you are using to create translations.

    Which plugin are you using? As of now, TranslatePress and WPML can add the URLs without any issues. We have not tested other plugins.

    I am using WPML.


    Well, as my colleague said, paginated pages won’t be indexed (unless you turn on the option, but it is usually not recommended). For the other URLs, if you want we could take a closer look at the settings. Please edit the first post on this ticket and include your WP logins in the designated Sensitive Data section.
    Sensitive Data Section

    It is completely secure and only our support staff has access to that section. If you want, you can use the below plugin to generate a temporary login URL to your website and share that with us instead:

    You can use the above plugin in conjunction with the WP Security Audit Log to monitor what changes our staff might make on your website (if any):

    We really look forward to helping you.

    Would screenshots of the settings not suffice?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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