No meta description was found for your page.

  • Hi

    When I do Site-Wide Analysis I am getting the message “No meta description was found for your page.”.
    but I have included a Description see below

    but when I’m trying to see description using source page , it showing like

    Please tell me how can I solve this problem?
    website link:

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  • Hi,

    I will be happy to assist you with the issue you are facing.

    Assuming you already added the meta description at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Homepage – It seems like a conflict with one of the plugins or the theme you are using. To determine that, can you please follow this troubleshooting guide?

    Only the site admin would know and your users won’t be affected by this troubleshooting.

    Úgy hallottam vannak magyar fejlesztők a csapatban. Ha nem baj magyarul írok 🙂
    Környezet: WP, DIVI last updated.
    Plugin (active): All-in-One WP Migration, 4DIVI Masonry gallery, Health Check & Troubleshooting.

    Az analizis menüpontban hibát dob (lásd Hacker World postja fent), miszerint:
    No meta description was found for your page.
    No page description found on page.
    A HOME oldalon amit kezdőoldalnak adtam meg a WP-ben, kitöltöttem az idevágó mezőket.

    Az élő oldal forráskódjában meg is található az általam megadott meta tartalom.
    Miért nem látja a Site-Wide Analysis, annak ellenére, hogy megadtam a reklamált tartalmat, ráadásul az EDIT SNIPET szerkesztőjében?
    Így látható a forráskódban:
    <!– Search Engine Optimization by Rank Math – –>
    <title>Esküvői Fotós………..</title>
    A “meta description” is megtalálható a forráskódban.
    Mégsem látja a Site-Wide Analysis

    Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin status: “GOOD”

    Előre is köszönöm!

    Hi El,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us today.

    Could you please share a link to your website so that we can check this further?

    If you would like to share the URL privately, please open a new ticket to be able to access the sensitive data section.

    Sensitive Data Section

    It is completely secure and only our support staff has access to that section. If you want, you can use the below plugin to generate a temporary login URL to your website and share that with us instead:

    We really look forward to helping you.

    Hi Michael Davis, THX!

    Hi El,

    Thanks for the reply.

    One of your installed plugins or your theme is adding an empty meta description tag on your pages as shown below:

    I can suggest that you try to isolate the plugin or code that is adding this tag and then disable this functionality.
    You can use this plugin to troubleshoot while checking the page source:

    I hope this info helps.

    THX! OK!
    All right! DIVI is the culprit 🙂 The divi is editable. There is an option to disable.


    We are super happy that this resolved your issue. If you have any other questions in the future, know that we are here to help you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, could you please leave us a review (if you haven’t already) on about your overall experience with Rank Math? We appreciate your time and patience.

    If you do have another question in the future, please feel free to create a new forum topic, and it will be our pleasure to assist you again.

    Thank you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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