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  • Hi
    I just installed Rank Math and imported existing Yoast settings. I have a few questions:

    1. Each page has a schema icon, I have HTML schema code installed with a headers and footers plugin, should I delete this plugin and use the Rankmath schema? can rank math automatically see this schema on my headers and footers? It says it’s still importing data from my google accounts and the schema icons on each page are grey and not active.
    2. Is there a set of recommendations for the settings on wp rocket to better help rank math?
    3. when I installed, google said allow rank math to access all my sites associated with this account, what will that mean for another site besides my actual site that I’m using rank math for?
    4. Im not sure the correct analytics are installed, on the drop down it had the same option listed 3 times (my company) so I just selected the first.

    Please advise.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    1. If you wish to use Rank math schema, I would recommend disabling the schema plugin you have installed on your site. If you wish to use your already existing schema plugin, please disable Rank math schema module in Rank math dashboard. Either way, we recommend having only one schema generating plugin on your site to avoid any conflicts.

    2. If you are using Rank math sitemap module, please ensure you have added rules to WP Rocket to exclude all your sitemap URLs from getting cached. This will make sure your sitemap are updated with every post you publish.

    3. Giving Rank math access to your Google account properties allows the analytics module to be able to get all the necessary data of your site(s) according to the site you select from the dropdown and show you the related search console analytics.

    4. How have you verified your site in the GSC? Please ensure you have verified the correct version of your site(https/http and WWW/ non-WWW)

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    1. on WProcket there the option for “activate preloading” once that’s selected the next option is “activate sitemap based cache preloading” and below that, I have “rank math XML sitemap” selected, for clarity you want me to disable “activate sitemap based cache preloading” which automatically disables “rank math XML sitemap”

    2. Rank math automatically went into my GSC thru my email and added GSC, wherein Rank Math can I check to see that it’s selected the correct https://www?

    3. I used the google structured data app to create the schema code, Is Rankmath schema a better option than what I got from the google? I also have a Facebook pixel in that header/footer plugin schema code. what would be your best recommendation? Is there a reason why all my pages have the links at 0 and the schema greyed out?

    4. Regarding the analytics that has been added, is there a way to make sure the correct analytics was selected?

    5. On my titles and meta section I clicked on the homepage and it says this: “Static page is set as the front page (WP Dashboard > Settings > Reading). To add SEO title, description, and meta for the homepage, please click here: Edit Page: Web Design” which I clicked and it just takes me to the homepage. Is there something that needs to be done for this option?

    Thanks for the support, I appreciate it!

    please ignore #2 / #4 i fixed them.


    1. About the cache preloading, no, you can keep it enabled. My colleague was talking about adding some cache exceptions to WP Rocket, to avoid the Rank Math sitemaps being cached. So the option you are talking about is safe to keep enabled since it only reads the sitemaps and caches the pages inside of it but not the sitemaps themselves.

    3. Are you currently using the Rank Math schema? If not, that could be the cause you have the Schema grayed out since Rank Math is not finding its Schema settings there. You could use the one you mention or ours, we recommend ours since we think it is easier and more comfortable to use, plus it is already integrated with all our other tools.

    5. If you want to change its SEO Title and description, just click in the Rank Math icon there and edit whatever you want, as I show you in the following screencast:

    Looking forward to help you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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