Judge.me Integration

  • Hey there,

    RankMath does not work with judge.me and stops rich snippets from showing in the SERPS.

    I contacted judge.me about it and here what they had to say after checking out my site~

    Unfortunately in Woocommerce we can’t fix these problems because we can’t access the JSON-LD script. Nonetheless most of the errors that we can see in the Google Structured Data Tool are not related with our app but with the Offer markup in the script.

    Please discuss this issue with RankMath, they should be able to fix both issues:
    -Fix the ‘Offer’ markup
    -Integrate with Judge.me AggregateRating so both Product tabs will be merged in one (one of our fixes for this issue is adding an @id value to the Product JSON-LD script, but we can’t do it in Woocommerce, the @id value is this:
    “@id”: {{ canonical_url | append: ‘#product’ | json }},

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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