How to change permalink structure in active website?

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    I have 50+ Posts On My website and now I want to change my permalink structure so if I change it, will my post old urls redirect new url? Automatically or I need to do something for that.

    I have WordPress Website and using Rankmath SEO plugin.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your query, and we are so sorry about the trouble this must have caused.

    If you change your permalink structure, your old post URLs will not automatically redirect to the new URLs.

    You will need to set up redirects to ensure that visitors who click on old links will be directed to the new URLs.

    You can use the “Redirections” module in Rank Math to create 301 redirects from your old URL structure to the new ones.

    To set up the redirections module, head on over to Rank Math > Dashboard > Redirections in your WordPress admin area in order to confirm that the Redirections module is enabled.

    Learn more about creating redirects in our documentation at or in our detailed video tutorial here

    However, can you please share the current permalink strucrure and the proposed permalink structure so we can suggest a single regex rule to do all the redirects at once it in bulk?

    We really look forward to helping you.

    Thank you.

    My current permalink structure is /%postname%/Mod/ and I want my url to look like postname-Mod

    I want to put – in place of /

    I want this redirection permanent 301
    image of my permalink structure


    Thank you for your patience.

    When changing your permalinks, WordPress should automatically create the redirects from the old URLs.

    However, if that didn’t happen on your site, then you can add this regex redirect to redirect your old posts:

    Source URLs: (.*)/mod
    Type: Regex
    Destination URL:$1-Mod/

    Hope that helps.

    Before changing the permalink structure I decided to change single post url to see if WordPress auto redirect is working or not. The results wordpress auto redirect is working.

    But I am worried about my Google search ranking, PA, backlinks. will wordpress auto redirect also keep this things safe?


    Yes, WordPress redirection after permalink change should help you maintain the ranking authority of those URLs but since there’s a situation where WordPress fails to automatically redirect them, you should check your old URLs if they are indeed redirecting to avoid issues in Google Search Console.

    Also, I would strongly suggest that you monitor any bad reports on your Google Search Console after you have changed your permalink structure.

    Please note that changing the permalink structure is sometimes a risky action but you will be fine as long as you have properly done it.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need my assistance with anything else.


    Hello again,

    We are glad to hear that this issue has been resolved. Thank you for letting us know. This ticket will be closed now, but you can always open a new one if you have any other questions or concerns. We are here to help you with anything related to Rank Math.

    We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process.

    Thank you for choosing Rank Math.

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