How get better ranking in White hat SEO?

  • How get better ranking in White hat SEO?
    I want to create a new website.
    My services are as follows
    Architecture Designing(core),
    Interior Designing(core),
    Structural Engineering(core),
    Civil Engineering,
    MEP Service Consulting
    Landscape Designing
    PMC & More…
    I want to create a home page, all service pages (more than 15), Blogs & Projects(custom post).
    My focus keywords are as follows
    Primary Keywords:
    Architects in Coimbatore, Interior designers in Coimbatore, Structural Engineer in Coimbatore, Civil Engineer in Coimbatore
    Secondary Keywords:
    Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Landscape Designers.
    Architect, Interior Designer, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Landscape Designer.
    Architects in Bangalore, Interior designers in Bangalore, Structural Engineer in Bangalore, Civil Engineer in Bangalore, Landscape Designers in Bangalore
    Architecture Designing, Interior Designing, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, MEP Service Consulting, Landscape Designing, PMC
    Architecture Designing in Coimbatore, Interior Designing in Coimbatore, Structural Engineering in Coimbatore, Civil Engineering in Coimbatore, MEP Service Consulting in Coimbatore, Landscape Designing in Coimbatore, PMC in Coimbatore
    Architecture Designing in Bangalore, Interior Designing in Bangalore, Structural Engineering in Bangalore, Civil Engineering in Bangalore, MEP Service Consulting in Bangalore, Landscape Designing in Bangalore, PMC in Bangalore
    I Have Divi theme & Avada Theme. I prefer Divi due to the better service. My Home page contains Full page Slider and limited content. But I am willing to publish blog/posts using the above-mentioned focus keywords.
    Q1. What type of keyword I have to use on the Home page contains? (Branding Name / Primary Keyword)
    Q2. How to make an efficient Structure?
    Q3. How to get my website ranked? Please provide some strategies

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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