Guided Recipes showing errors in Google Search Console

  • Every recipe on my website where I used RankMath to help me build a correct structured data page is now showing errors in Google Search Console. This is because Google Search Console has a new feature: Guided Recipes.

    Everyone using RankMath for Recipes will have the following errors for Guided Recipes:

    Missing field ‘contentUrl’
    Invalid value in field ‘itemtype’

    A warning is acceptable for in search console, as it would only recommend. (example I get warnings in reviewer rating:
    But an error in search console is not, as this will affect position in SERP

    What is happening
    Google Search Console offers new feature: Guided Recipe

    User Impact
    SERP is impacted (negatively), Errors in Search Console

    Desired Outcome
    No Negative impact on SERP

    How To Reproduce this issue:
    1. Make a recipe using Rank Math
    2. Submit this recipe page to Google Search Console
    3. Notice that Google Search Console will give errors on Guided Recipe (even though it is a Recipe, it is automatically also for Guided recipe)

    gsc errors


    Install Health Check & Troubleshooting
    Answer: It has nothing to do with this. Google Search Console has released a new feature Guided Recipe.

    Where did you get this information about Guided Recipe

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  • Hello,

    We were able to reproduce the error and have logged it.

    Please allow us some time to test and release a fix. It should be added to the plugin in the upcoming update. For now, you can use the following filter code to add contentURL in Recipe Video object:

    add_filter( 'rank_math/snippet/rich_snippet_recipe_entity', function( $entity ) {
        $entity['video']['contentUrl'] = '';
        return $entity;

    I hope that helps. If you need any other assistance, please feel free to let us know. We are here to help.

    Thank you.

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