Extra Slash in front of Woocomerce Product Catergory URL

  • Hi @pratik-d

    Another bug related with RankMath and Woocommerce…

    I have just updated RankMath and now product category URLs have an extra slash:

    Before update:

    After update:

    Please note that under “WP Admin->Rank Math->General Settings->Woocommerce”
    Remove Category Base = On

    I have personally experienced so many issue related to RankMath’s (Woocommerce) “Remove Category Base” feature and product “Primary Category” feature. I have also seen so many support tickets regarding these features. Please could you guys take a close look at it because something is not right here.

    Every time I update RankMath it is either fixing a bug with one of these features, adding an old bug back in, or creating a new bug with it. Very frustrating and wastes so much time :-(.

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  • Hi @pratik-d

    I created a fresh WP install on localhost and then made a screencast to better show the issue.

    The issue is present in menu links, but I think wordpress is automatically redirecting them so when you click it the link appears to be working normally.


    Please look at the bottom left of the video when I hover over the Product category menu link to see the URL.

    Thank you.

    Hi @pratik-d

    I have made another screen cast to show the issue more clearly.


    This bug occurred between version v1.0.41.2 and v1.0.42.3

    Also please set your Custom Structure permalink like this: /blog/%postname%

    See screenshot of permalinks screen here:


    Hope this helps you to find the bug.

    Thank you

    Hi DJ,

    Please prefix a slash here:

    It should work fine afterward.

    Please note that the issue is only in the preview. The actual URLs have the slash and don’t cause any reason for alarm.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    Hi @toddmts / @pratik-d

    Thanks for your reply. Prefixing the “Product Category Base” and “Product Tag Base” with a slash like your screenshot here (https://i.rankmath.com/aIlFy0) gets my site links working back like they were before. I will therefore leave this in place.

    However, I have a few concerns:


    Please note that the issue is only in the preview.

    I do not understand what you mean by only in preview, but as per my screencast this is occurring in the front end as well. If you use your browser inspect tool, you will see the menu links for the product category pages look like this and contains the double slash:

    <a href="http://localhost/mytest//cat-one" aria-current="page">Cat One (Product Category)</a>

    2) Judging by your previous reply I get the feeling you don’t consider this to be a bug? I would politely disagree if this is the case. I still think this needs a developer to look at and fix it. Although prefixing the slashes like you suggested above resolves my issue, these values were the default which I never touched until you suggested to add the slash so they should also work by default IMO.

    3) Please note that if I add a slash onto the end of the Custom Structure like this /blog/%postname%/ and leave the “Product Category Base” and “Product Tag Base” as their defaults that also works. So it would appear that the issue is RankMath doesn’t like it when the trailing slash is removed from the Custom Structure. Again I would consider this to be a bug in RankMath.

    See screenshot:


    Appreciate your time in getting someone on the dev team to look into this further.

    Hi DJ,

    Yes, this is a bug and we are already working on a fix.

    I was just trying to give you a workaround until the update is released.

    I appreciate your feedback and we will keep it in mind when testing the update.



    Oh I see, I misunderstood your initial reply and thought you were suggesting it wasn’t a bug :-). Thanks for your support and getting this bug squashed.

    May I just make one more suggestion. Could you request the developers to add a PHP comment in the code or something to highlight that when working on the product primary category, breadcrumbs, removing product category base and permalink features to consider Woocommerce products and to carryout thorough testing on these features. The reason I ask is the only bugs I come across on a regular basis are all related to these features and are often similar or related to bugs I have already reported a few times.

    Once you have read my latest response, please feel free to go ahead and mark resolved.

    Thank you kindly


    We will notify the dev team about it so they might add it to their working pipeline (and hopefully in future updates it will be there)

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

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