Error in submitting sitemap_index.xml file

  • sir, is sumiting successfully but is not submitting pls provide help.
    whole issue –
    Some days ago I have an error in my console sitemap is showing error – “sitemap can be read but has error – HTML 403”
    then I submit my issue to you and you said that it related to hosting, the I go to hosting provider and after talking them server times they fixed or submit a sitemap.xml file to console and fixed the issue.
    But then I saw that only is showing success at google console but is still showing the same error – “sitemap can be ready, but has errors – HTML 403”.
    Now, I am using your plugin in wordpress and your plugin generates sitemap_index.xml which is showing error.
    Now what should I need to do, I have given you access to my wordpress and google console access as admin pls help. Hope you understand my issue.

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  • Hello,

    I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further?

    Thank you.

    sir pls reply me !!


    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    My apologies for the massive delay in response.

    That is quite odd. Kindly allow me to consult the dev team on this issue.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


    ok sir, please help me to solve this, actually when I upload sitemap.xml file to root folder for first it is showing success and after 1 day it is again showing same error !!

    pls check this link – may be this error will help you !!
    and pls inform me if you found anything


    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    As the error suggests, your issue could be linked to your server’s configuration. Is it possible that there are some firewall limitations that could be blocking the sitemap file?

    I’m also consulting the dev team on this to find possible causes of the issue.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Could you please check the following:
    1. Is the sitemap working fine in your browser? You can check that by going domain(.)com/sitemap_index.xml

    If the sitemap is working fine, you can try validating it on this link:

    If the validation works, please move to the second point.

    2. Have you verified the correct version of your website on Google? Please check if you have verified the www (or non-www) and https (or http) version of your website. If there is a mismatch, please fix that.

    3. Finally, make sure you have cleared the cache and excluded Google bot from seeing a cached version of your sitemap.

    If you have followed these and you are able to view your sitemap without any problem, then Rank Math is outputting your sitemap correctly and the error must be coming from Google. You can try and use a 3rd party sitemap plugin to confirm. Just make sure you have disabled the Sitemap module of Rank Math in WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard when using a 3rd party sitemap plugin.

    If the other plugin works, please do let us know.

    Thank you.

    I hade same issue. But now its good

    sir, the issue was resolved, as it is coming from domain DNS settings.
    You are so so thank you, for helping.
    Now my site is showing success on sitemap.
    But want to know one thing, I have use a sitemap.xml file and uploaded on root folder, therefore it is generating sitemap.xml page of my website. On tge other hand I am also using your plugin, and your plugin is generating sitemap_index.xml file.
    my question is .. do I need to delete that sitemap.xml file from the root folder or just let it go with both the sitemap working?

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