Discrepancy in the Analysis

  • Dear RankMath,
    I started using your plugin two days ago and it was a nice surprise.
    However, I have a couple of question.
    1) When I run the SEO Analyser it tells me that my focus keyword does not appear in the post(page) title.

    Now my page title is “Home” , I’ll never be able to fulfill that request unless I set “home” as a focus word.
    Should I discard the warning?

    Another warning is “Some images on your page have no alt attribute. (14)”
    All the alt attributes are there, maybe is because I’m serving Webp images through .htacces?

    Thanks a lot for your time

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  • Hi,
    are you talking about Alt Tag of images or the focus keyword in the title?

    Others bizarre issues

    1) SEO analysis is 81/100
    If you go to “pages” (only Home & Privacy Policy) you can see that Home page has 37/100 and the other 71/100.
    If you click on Home there is a 77/100 score….a bit confusing

    2) In your rich snippet tutorial is shown in the dropdown list, amongst all the other possibilities, “Local business”, which is not there. It is there in the Local SEO section…any clue?

    Thank you very much



    Thanks for the question.

    This relates to the “Focus keyword not found in image alt attributes” failed test.

    1). The SEO analysis is affected by your site caching and the score may appear off until you clear the cache. I have cleared the cache and right score is now loaded.
    The sitewide SEO analysis will give an average of all the score for your posts and pages.

    2). The documentation is outdated, this snippet is now located on the Local SEO section under Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Local SEO

    I hope this info helps. Thank you.

    Hi Michael,

    The “Focus keyword not found in image alt attributes” failed test is now taken care by the option in Rank Math that allows tags to be activated “on the fly”

    We still have the following issues

    “There are 2 Pagine published posts where the focus keyword does not appear in the post title.”>>> Not true, the focus keyword does appear in the post title.

    2) Yes I know that “local business” is available in the Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Local SEO ( in fact is selected).
    What should I select in the rich snippet section dropdown menu?




    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I have been able to replicate this issue on my end and we will be investigating this issue further.
    For your second question, you can select any other rich snippet that represents the main content of the page or you can keep this to the default “Article” or “blog posting”

    I hope this info helps. Thank you.

    Thank’s Michael,

    As I mentioned before, you should ask for a raise, hope your boss reads this post.


    Hi Angelo,

    Haha, I am always happy to help and I will do as proposed 🙂

    Feel free to contact us for any other questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you.

    Still waiting for solutions…I won’t forget… get back to you in a week for news….

    Hello Angelo,

    1. Please go inside the page editor of the page that shows a discrepancy in the score and hit the save button once. That will update the score for you.

    Also, please update to the latest version of Rank Math. We have made a few improvements to the SEO Analysis tool.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    Hi Todd,

    I consider Rank Math potentially one of the best plugins out there.
    I hope that some tweak and tune-up will make it even better.
    There are some “goals” that, realistically, cannot be achieved by 90% of the users.

    “Some CSS files don’t seem to be minified.”
    This warning is about either Google Fonts or Google maps most of the time.
    Yes, there is a solution, you de-activate Google fonts and upload them locally for instance.
    But a lot of users rely on plugins exactly because they are not “intimate” with these kinds of things.
    So my question is…
    Would not it be better to have the options to de-select that particular test from the analysis from the get-go? Maybe with a short friendly explanation about the reason why is difficult to achieve the perfect score on that particular test?
    Like GTmetrix :
    “The recommendations are meant to be generic, best practices; some things will be out of your control (eg. external resources)”
    and add a link on how to solve the problem by uploading the fonts locally.
    Hope to hear from you.

    Hi Angelo,

    We really appreciate your feedback.

    Performance-related tests are a very small part of the SEO Analysis tool. We only report the issues for now. Down the line, we plan on extending the functionality.

    Appreciate your patience in this matter.

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