Different SEO Details Being Shown

  • Hello. I hope you are doing great.
    One of my articles is showing 58/100 SEO Detail when I am seeing it in the AllPosts Tab, and when I am opening it to edit, it’s showing 88/100.
    What should I do?

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  • Same problem here. WordPress interface shows different scores than RankMath itself in the elementor.

    Ya. Yesterday, I updated one more post and now it has the same issue.
    I think this has something to do with the recent introduction of RankMath’s Pro version.

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    Thank you for contacting Rank Math today.

    The difference in the response is due to how content is loaded on both environments.

    Elementor renders shortcodes whereas the wordpress/classic editor does not. This causes a difference in the content that is evaluated and thus the difference in the SEO score.

    Since you are adding your content through elementor, I’d recommend using the score on Elementor edit page

    Hope that helps you. Thank you.

    Hi there.

    I got your point.
    But I never faced this issue earlier.
    Also, this is happening only when I am updating the already existing posts.
    And when I upload any new post, I get the same matrix at both places.

    Could you please explain why this is happening?

    Thank you!!

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