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  • I have a cron based import of custom posts (jobs). Newly imported jobs are being published successfully, but jobs which are deleted by the cron are not being updated through indexing API.
    Can you please confirm or let me know where to look to see the logs, what is being published through API or what is being deleted.
    The plugin used for jobs import is WP All Import, there is option to run a certain function or attach hooks, in case that is required, then please suggest what do I need to add to trigger the delete update through indexing API.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math today.

    The Instant indexing plugin doesn’t publish or delete anything. It just submits a post using Google Indexing API whenever new content is published on a site.

    From deleting if you mean to remove the indexed content from Search results then it’s not possible and it’s not needed. If you have deleted any posts then you’ll have to wait for Google to recrawl your site to delete this post content from the Search Results.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know if there is anything else.

    Thank you.

    Thanks, Pratik.

    that’s quite logical what you have mentioned.

    There is option in instant indexing plugin to remove a URL (updating Google to remove the URL) so the same API can be used to update google to remove the URL, as this API is particularly intended for Job postings and video streams which are short-lived content, when it is removed then user lands on the non-existing page.
    to address this you might add a feature to detect if a post has been removed and send removal update to google.



    I think you have reason and it is a nice suggestion, I will make sure to send it to the devs so they can add it in a future update (I hope).

    Anyway, thank you again for the suggestion!

    Looking forward to help you.

    Thanks Alberto,
    RankMath Plugin is great full of features.
    Keep the great work going…

    Hello Salman,

    We are super happy that this helped you with your issue. If you have any other questions in the future, know that we are here to help you.

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    If you do have another question in the future, please feel free to create a new forum topic, and it will be our pleasure to assist you again.

    Thank you.

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