Conflict with Permalink Manager Pro

  • I use Permalink Manager Pro. Everything appears to work correctly with RankMath and the Peramlink Manager Pro except for the way it displays the URL categories. It still displays product-category in the Category URL. In the product URL I have removed “product” from the URl. RankMath displays the correct URL on Products.

    I think this has changed in an update? I am not sure but I think it didn’t display product-category when I originally installed the plugin.

    I know I can disable the product-category in the RankMath plugin but I am concerned about having two redirects from two different plugins running?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Rank Math and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

    It is not recommended to use more than a single plugin to rewrite your permalinks. I can suggest that you disable the options to remove product and post base in Rank Math and stick to the options on the permalink manager. Alternatively, you can also disable this plugin and only use the Rank Math options.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


    see below

    I am still having a related issue. The problem RankMath is not displaying the categories as theyare set in the Permalink manager pro plugin but it does the products.

    The following options are under RankMath General Settings Woocommerce:

    I have REMOVE BASE disabled and the product still displays correctly without the PRODUCT in the URL because I have it set in permalink manager pro plugin.

    I enabled the Remove Category Base to fix the original issue.

    The problem I am having is it is including the current category structure instead of the way they are set in the Permalink Manager Plugin.

    For example: Oval Braided Rugs is set to show as a base category in the URL ( instead it shows as ( rugs).

    If I choose the REMOVE PARENT SLUG option it rooms the category structure. The problem is I have some categories that use that need to show the structure for legacy reasons. For example:

    I have the categories set right in the Permalink Manager Pro plugin. I don’t know what changed but RankMath originally showed the Categories as they appeared in Permalink Manager Pro with all the options set to off. Just as product is set to off as now. It is like the RankMath is overriding the Permalink Manager Pro and displaying the Woocommerce original permalink structure JUST for product categories.

    Any ideas.

    I don’t think you understand. I do not have RankMath Rewrite Option enabled. It is turned off.

    When I view a product the URL in a product is not displaying

    When I view a category the product-category is displaying.

    The Permalink Manager Pro works everywhere except the RankMath Category display.


    Sorry about that.

    I think the first step would be to check where the issue is coming from.

    Can you please disable the Permalinks Pro plugin and keep just Rank Math enabled and see if the issue persists? If it does, please let us know so we can check further. Do include steps to replicate and a screenshot of your permalink settings at WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    If I disable Permalink Pro then the URL for the category URL will still be displayed the same because Permalink Pro is what changes the URL.

    This is what I got from Peramlink Pro Support. Anyway for RankMath to show the correct data in the meta box?

    Permalink Pro Support

    it looks like the issue is present only in the back-end (“preview metabox”). The problem is that it is not possible to filter the ‘permalink_format’ for term in the code of RankMath plugin. As result, the original permalink is displayed in the preview instead of the custom permalink filtered by Permalink Manager:


    Thank you for sharing these findings.

    I have alerted our dev team about this and we will be looking into it shortly and get back to you.

    Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.


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