change domain after install rankmath

  • I have a website I am building on a subdomain called
    (That is not the real URL but you get the point).

    The website is a completely rebuild version of is built with Joomla and does not have any SEO setup.
    Also, all the link structure on is a mess so I changed all the permalinks on

    I am just concerned about losing SEO points at google so I have to make all the redirections in “RankMath redirections” so the old permalinks get redirected to the new permalink.
    And I should do this before I move my new website from to right?

    But is it a problem to install RankMath on my new website while it is still called or should I install RankMath when I have moved the new website to
    I don’t know if I will get errors in RankMath when the domain of the website changes from a subdomain to a main domain.

    Do you have some articles about what to do to make sure RankMath still works when a website is moved to another server or another domain?

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