Cant re-establish link to RankMath account

  • Hi there.

    My website is verified with Google Webmaster console and the main-property shows up in the drop-down. Although i cant see the other (sub-)properties anymore, The main property shows up. No sc-properties or anything else. Something I remembered being shows while installing the first time.

    I already tried to re-authorize with GSC, added the Google Search Console verification code in General Settings > Webmaster Tools, and removed the url from before adding it again.

    Somehow it isn’t possible to connect the website in the dashboard, although this used to work before.

    I am wondering which steps I overlooked or can take top get it back working again.

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  • Hi Ewald,

    Please update to the latest Beta version by following this tutorial:

    That should fix the issue for you.

    The final version will be released in a few weeks and you will see a notification in your dashboard when an update comes.

    Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

    Thank you.

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