Breadcrumbs data structure issue

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  • Hi Kenneth,

    Which AMP plugin are you using?

    If you are using the AMP for WP plugin, please choose Rank Math from the dropdown at WordPress Dashboard > AMP > Settings > SEO.

    If you are using any other AMP plugin, please enable the Rank Math AMP module at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard

    Then, clear your website cache along with the AMP cache. Click on the “Validate Fix” in your Google Search Console and wait 4-5 days for Google to see the fixed AMPs and remove the errors from your search console.

    With that said, you do not seem to be using Rank Math breadcrumbs so I would recommend that you consider contact your AMP provider as well.

    Just disable Rank Math temporarily and see if the BreadcrumbList error goes away:

    If it doesn’t, then the error was not due to Rank Math in the first place.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

    1. I am using AMP for WP Plugin. Dashboard > AMP > Settings > SEO –> Rank Math SEO already set.

    2. After deactivating Rank Math and clearing Cache I am getting a message “Page not eligible for rich results known by this test” when validating with below URL…

    3. After reenabling Rank Math and clearing cache also I getting this message now! Please help.


    It seems the issue you see it is due to your AMP plugin is adding breadcrumbs to the homepage, so the internal structure of the breadcrumbs in the homepage is like this:

    “Homepage > AMP”

    When that AMP is the Homepage itself so it generates an error. You should disable the Breadcrumbs on the Homepage or you could try if using the following setting (the one I show in this screencast: fixes your issue (after cleaning the cache).

    Looking forward to help you.

    Not sure how to go about it. I have made my homepage alone non-amp in the amp for wp plugin.


    It is also a valid fix for your issue (and also a usual thing to do since most AMP readers come from Google directly to posts).

    I have seen you set the thread as solved, is it? If not, we will continue helping you. And if it is, we will be here for any other questions or issues you might have in the future.

    Looking forward to help you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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