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  • Hello there I’m using Rank Math since 3 weeks and I’m really happy about that, BUT I cannot see any data in the analytics panel 🙁

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  • Same problem here.

    Same here. However, i’m not using RankMath to install the Analytics code. I’m using the CAOS plugin to host/load locally.

    I do have current analytics data when I go to Google. Just wondering why it’s not appearing here as well.

    UPDATE: I actually went back to Rank Math -> General Settings -> Analytics.

    I reconnected the account, then went to the bottom to Analytics Database and I clicked the Update button on the right side.

    It’s currently fetching data and it’s showing up as the data is retrieved. Hopefully this helps you.

    Having same problem.


    Thank you for contacting the support.

    Can you please update the free and the PRO plugins to the latest versions?

    and then please follow these steps:

    If you are not seeing any data inside your Analytics module, this guide might help you.

    <h2>A. Pre-check List</h2>
    1. You should not be using Google Analytics v4 or Matomo Analytics.

    2. Update to the latest version of Rank Math Free & PRO

    3. Ensure that you are logged in to your paid account:
    rank math member area

    4. Disconnect and reconnect your account from inside WordPress:
    reconnect rank math account

    <h2>B. Refresh Tokens</h2>
    1. Please delete RankMath’s app from here:
    remove rank math app

    2. Re-create tables by clicking WP Dashboard > Rank Math > Status & Tools > Database Tools and click the Re-create database Table button.
    re-create analytics tables

    3. Reconnect the account inside Rank Math by clicking here and ensure that you approve all the permission notices that shows up:
    WP Dashboard >> Rank Math >> General Settings >> Analytics tab, and click the Reconnect link
    reconnect analytics

    4. Let the process complete and it might take around 30 minutes.

    5. Now head over to WP Dashboard > Rank Math > Status & Tools > Database Tools and click the Rebuild Index for Analytics button.
    Rebuild Index for Analytics

    6. Please check if the data shows up here:
    analytics data

    If that does not help, please paste the data from here:
    WP Dashboard > Rank Math > Status & Tools > Database Tools and click the Rebuild Index for Analytics button
    system info

    We really look forward to helping you.


    same problem in 5+ sites and the stats is not accurate… in one site there is 122K traffic and green arrow going up with 122k traffic?

    let me wait for a week.

    I use manual CRON running TWICE and HOUR
    That is every 30 MINs

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    thank you so much, now it works 🙂

    Own of a Business licence here.
    I have the problem that the section ‘Google Analytics’ is (almost) empty. There is a green dot, and I can only see ‘Search Traffic’ and only ‘No Data’ (Overall Optimization).

    I also have the problem that I can only have one focus keyword in ‘WP Dashboard’ > ‘User’ > ‘Rank Math’ > ‘General’ > Edit Snippet’. Any extra entry is discarded. Shouldn’t I be able to have multiple focus keywords?

    Things I’ve tried:

    1. As suggested in several threads in Rank Math’s forum, I’ve tried reconnecting to Google (as well as readding permissions) and ‘Re-create Tables’ and ‘Rebuild Index’ in ‘Status and Tools’.

    2. Checking whether or not a theme/plugin conflict with Rank Math with the suggested ‘Health Check’ plugin – all is fine.

    What worked:


    All help is appreciated. Please help!


    Image of my Analytics in Rank Math

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