403 Error on attempt to create a Redirect

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    Suddenly on my site I’m getting a 403 error when I click ‘Redirect’ on an entry in the 404 Monitor. I initially thought that it may be a cache problem(I use WP Rocket). So, I cleared WP Rocket’s cache, and reloaded the site, but the issue was still there.

    Then I deactivated WP Rocket. I could then click to create a redirect – once. If I then try to create a 2nd redirect, that generates a 403. I can reproduce this. I can reactivate WP Rocket, then deactivate, and I’m able to create only one redirect.

    Please let me know what information you need, and I’ll send it along. I can create a temp login for you if needed.

    The site is –

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  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for sharing the additional info.

    The temporary access token has expired, would you mind whipping up a new token so that we can check further?

    Thanks in advance.


    Since we did not hear back from you for 15 days, we are assuming that you found the solution. We are closing this support ticket.

    If you still need assistance or any other help, please feel free to open a new support ticket, and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you.

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