Pro vs Business and definition of Client Websites

  • Hi,
    Could you explain to me the difference between RM Pro and Business in terms of possibilities and restrictions.

    They both can handle unlimited sites, but can Business do What Pro Can’t?

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    I have the same question too. Do you see info of a site in the wordpress panel of another site? (in PRO)

    Hopefully it’s been answered before the special offer disappears.

    I am also waiting for an answer on this topic, Im guessing that the mean difference will be the analysis between all websites vs doing analysis on separate dashboards.


    You can use the Rank Math PRO on unlimited personal websites, and you can use the business plan on 100 (200 during launch) client & personal websites. Personal websites are the ones you own 100% and not a client website or a partnership with someone. A personal website can be a business, earn you money and you can even sell it to anyone but it needs to belong to you.

    In terms of features, you can check the following comparison:

    Hope that helps.

    What I understand is that the difference is only for supports. For the business version, Rnakmath will support client’s websites too, and for the Pro, plan client websites do not get support. Still, question, how does RankMath identify client’s websites from the personal?

    I also am asking myself that. I guess IRL the only difference with Pro vs. Business is that not all Pro-users can contact support for issues, but only the main account owner can submit the tickets.

    Luckily RankMath has a very intuitive user interface that looks like a robust platform till now (from my own experience till now).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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