ACF breaks my site and RM doesn’t count words

  • Resolved Emiliano Russo
    Rank Math pro

    Rank Math doesn’t count the words of what I write in the flex block (a builder) of my theme. I’m using flotheme.
    I was trying to install ACF but it breaks my theme and it appears this error that you can see here:

    I really don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t never go back to yoast but it will be necessary if you don’t fix this, as RM doesn’t count the real words I type in.

    I’m actually working on a /test2 flder as I’m going to restyle my website so now I’m testing the home page at this page:

    What is not read by RM: is this content, created with the flex block:

    But the problema is ACF that when it’ installed beaks my website so the only way to go is going manually and unistall it by ftp.

    I really whish you can help me.

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